Group Members

Abdur Rehman Adil | PhD Student
About: Travelling is part of my education, this gives me the chance to explore and give insight into the beautiful nature, and I also love to capture the moments. 
Research: Liquid-liquid phase separation via peptides and RNA. I am investigating insight of the phase separated part of the cell, mimicking it invitro with the help of intelligently designed, highly short peptides and RNA.It helps to understand the role of peptides and RNA driving phase separation, a critical and unexplored phenomenon inside the cell.
Anika Moller | Honours Student
About: In my free time I like to sew, bake, and go on bushwalks.
Research: For my project I am investigating RNA-peptide coacervation and what the importance of amino acid and nucleotide sequences are in this process.
Chelsea Forest | 3rd Year PhD Student
About: I graduated from a Bachelors of Medicinal Chemistry from UNSW in 2017 and started my PhD with the Thordarson group in 2018. Outside of my PhD I enjoy going to the gym, reading books and hanging out with my dog.
Research: I am working on polymer-based nanoparticles as drug carriers for a childhood brain cancer called medulloblastoma. The aim is to make chemotherapies more effective and less toxic.
Fayaz Ali | 3rd Year PhD Student
About: I started my PhD in July 2018. I enjoy reading, particularly motivational books. Currently, I am reading the book titled The Compound Effect. I love watching tennis and my favourite player is Roger Federer. I like travelling and spending time with nature.
Research: Controlling supramolecular self-assembly of low molecular weight gelators (LMWGs) with light. Currently working on designing small molecules such as photoswitches or short peptides capped with light switchable head group to investigate their ability to respond to light in gel state and in a reversible fashion.
Grace Maynard | 1st Year PhD Student
About: Graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Advanced Science in 2020. I am a huge dinosaur nerd and when away from uni, I enjoy hiking, roller skating and watching movies.
Research: Investigating RNA-peptide interactions to develop functional coacervates capable of catalysing biologically relevant reactions.
Han Han | PhD Student
About: Joining the Thordarson group in February 2018, I am currently the most senior PhD student. I got my undergraduate degree at Harbin Institute of Technology in China. I like reading books, taking photos, playing tennis, and exploring new restaurants with friends.
Research: Peptide and peptide-based hydrogels for organocatalysis.
Joel Rivers | Honours Student
About: I have a passion for exploring new skills and places. My hobbies include hiking, climbing, and making music.
Research: I am investigating the interactions of peptides with RNA secondary structures.
Karrar Al Taief | 3rd Year PhD Student
About: I joined the Thordarson group in 2018 as a PhD candidate to pursue my interest in finding a solution for some questions in the biomedical field! Fascinated by hydrogels and how they applied in everyday life, I am working with the sophisticated class of these hydrogels: peptides. In my free time I am chasing a clue for "why we were born and what is our duty in this life".
Research: I am mainly focussed on translational research to develop peptide-based hydrogel for biomedical application.
Changzhuang Sean Bai | PhD Student
About: I graduated from Xiamen University in 2019 and became a member of the Thordarson group as a PhD student in 2020. In my casual time my hobbies include reading and watching movies.
Research: I am currently studying photo responsive peptide-based self-assembled supramolecular hydrogels and exploring their potential for tissue engineering.