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20-07-21 - Testing new content.

26-02-18 - Welcome to our latest PhD student Han Han!

19-02-18 - Matthew Sims joins the group as an honours student. Welcome, Matt!

21-02-18 - Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Wojciechowski for completing his PhD!

06-02-18 - Jono, Adam and Palli's paper on transient hydrogels has been accepted in JACS

24-01-18 - Congratulations to Dr. Chin Ken Wong for completing his PhD!

12-01-18 - Rob, Jono, Susan and Palli's paper on thaumatin bioconjugates has been accepted in Bioconjugate Chem!

04-01-18 - Hassan, Adam and Palli's paper on short elastin peptide hydrogels has been accepted in ChemPlusChem! A great start to the year!

01-11-17 - Ken, Alex, Martina and Palli's paper on non-spherical polymersomes is now online in Nature Communications



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